Food Safety


Our proposal is to introduce this programme to all food handlers. Targeted participants are chef, cooks, general kitchen helpers, waitress and waiters who are directly or indirectly involved in preparing or handling food. This training will import useful guidelines and knowledge on food handling practices and about training in the principles of food hygiene and safety.


Targeted Participants :

  • Personnel involve in food handling and who work in the food industry in general
  • Hotel and catering managers or supervisors, chef cooks, general kitchen helpers, waitresses and waiters.

At the end of the programme, each participant would be expected to achieve the following :-

  • To recognize the risks or danger of improper food handling practices
  • To acquire useful guides in their day-to-day job as to ensure safe and quality food is being prepared.
  • To be aware of the importance of good code practice.


The programme has been developed inline of the basic principles of food hygiene including :

  • Food Poisoning
  • Food Contamination
  • Prevention of Contamination by Harmful Bacteria
  • Cross Contamination
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food Storage
  • Cleaning and Proper Refuse Disposal Practices
  • Pest Control
  • Work Ethics and Current Regulations in Malaysia

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