Kumar holds a degree in LLB from the University of London and LLM from University Malaya. He has trained potential lawyers for the past 12 years in various institutions. He also conducts session on Creative Thinking Skills and Critical Thinking.

His interest and passion lies in the area of training and development, his specialty being Personal Development and Empowerment, Communication skills, Customer Service and Leadership. His approach in training is clear, structured and is delivered in a way where participants will be able to grasp it with the greatest ease.

He is currently working on a book about Individual Evolution and the laws of Achievement. His personal mission is to instill a sense of morality and ethical values into organizations and corporations in the way businesses are conducted and still come out a winner.

He has conducted his sessions on Self Awareness, Leadership, Customer Service/Customer Relationship Management and Teambuilding for both national and multinational companies namely, IBM (6 months program for over 800 participants), Petronas, Allianz, PJI Holdings, Salcon Engineering, Perodua, Federal Paint, Prudential, MICCI, Denso, Daimler Chrysler, ( English and Communication Development Program – 13 months ). In the area of communication also, he has conducted a 2 day program for Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian & Warisan Malaysia and a 4 month program for The Ministry of Defence He has to date addressed and trained more than 2300 participants. He also conducts long term development and coaching programs which covers a combination of a few programs built in i.e. behavioral, skill and knowledge. He was also assigned to address the Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita on Leadership and Good Governance.

He also prepares and delivers customized programs for students in the area of goal setting and personal empowerment. His clients being, Monash University, FTMS, Inti College, Institute Megatech and Brickfields College. He has also extended his goal setting program to IT companies such as E-quest (IBM Business Partner)

He has also assisted various companies such as Cycle & Carriage, MISC and Naza Motors in the area of training need analysis. His techniques, though different from the norm, but has been proven to be very effective because it gets to the root of the problem rather than merely treating the symptoms. In addition, he has conducted sessions on ‘How to conduct an effective Training Needs Analysis’. Hualon Sdn. Bhd. is one of his clients in this particular area.

In the area of Effective Business Communication, he has conducted a complete development program for the Chief Clerks and Supervisors of Tenaga Nasional Bhd. A similar program was delivered to the staff of MIDA with special emphasis on Telephone Techniques. He recently conducted two programs (Stress Management and 4th Wave Leadership) for Prudential Unit Trusts and Serting com.

He has conducted a program for Info Mindz R&D Sdn. Bhd (an IT based company) on Vision and Mission statement and setting goals and objectives.

He has conducted a three day training stint at Janda Baik for the National under 17 Cricket team in the area of Teambuilding, character building and mental strength in preparation for an International meet.

He recently conducted a highly energized, yet a reflective Leadership program for Petronas (92 participants), at Hulu Langat. ISM (Institut Sosial Malaysia) has recently requested him to conduct a teambuilding program for about 120 staff.

In order for organizations to be in touch with contemporary trends and patterns, he formulates programs that are focused on the next era of operation i.e. Knowledge Management. This may also be called the 4th Wave operation. He provides the necessary tools for this essential transition to take place within the organization.

His approach to his entire program is based very clearly on treating the root of the problem rather than merely treating the symptoms. This approach is not only needed in organizations but it is also an approach which is demanded by participants for effective and sustainable growth. Sustainability is always an issue and that is what he seeks to address in his programs.

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